Below this list of works you will find a downloadable file for each.


1.  INTERVIEW: Matthew Thompson on Australia's Most Notorious Criminal, Christopher BADNE$$ Binse.

An in-depth discussion about Australia's wildest bandit of the modern era, a brutally ineffective 'correctional' system,

and the reporting challenges of working around prisons systems hostile to journalists.

This is a production of Conversations with Richard Fidler, Australia's top-rating podcast.

First broadcast by ABC Radio (syndicated nationally).

2.  INVESTIGATION: The Last Conquistador.

The Sulu Archipelago near the Mindanao island-group of the southern Philippines is the regional epicentre

of the War on Terrorism.  A longtime visitor to the area, Matt recorded this journey into

the conflict's ambiguous, timeless, tropical frontline.

First broadcast by ABC Radio National.

3.  MEDIA PRANK: Young People Against Heavy Metal T-Shirts.

In the early 1990s, Matt accidentally started a cult.

Here's what happened and what it says about the media and about human nature.

First broadcast by ABC Radio National.


4.  PERSONAL ESSAY: Nightswimming in Dungog.

Spread over the best part of a decade, this is Matt's confronting account of life

and death in the small Australian town of Dungog, New South Wales.

First published in the Sydney Review of Books.

5. BOOK EXTRACT: 'Barrio Boxing' from My Colombian Death.

In this scene Matt describes drinking with a friend in her tienda up a mountainside barrio of Medellin

when an armed gang come in, blocked the door, and decide to have some fun.

This extract from My Colombian Death (Sydney: Picador, 2008) was edited for publication in Literary Journalism Studies.

6.  CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Outrider: William T. Vollmann, Tony Tanner, and the Private Extremes of an Anti-Journalism.

Both scholar and practitioner of literary journalism, Matt works in a feedback loop between the two.

He once flew back to Sydney to resume teaching just days after a violent confrontation in Kosovo left his

traveling companion hospitalized with stab wounds. It seemed a good time to include dynamic risk assessments in his writing classes.

In this essay, Matt places the nonfiction of William T. Vollmann - one of his inspirations - within a particular tradition of US literature.

First published in Literary Journalism Studies.